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Do You Know What Cloud Hosting Is?

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Well, that is quite an interesting expression, right? If you are thinking it is something related to the weather, it’s not. Is it a hotel in the mountains? No. An apartment at the 42nd floor of a skyscraper? No again. Ok, the truth is that most of us know what cloud hosting is, and if […]


When Clouds Gathering Is a Good Thing

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Don’t worry, we won’t be talking about the weather report now, let’s hope it will be a sunny day and that’s enough for the weather. Let’s talk about the latest type of clouds existing. That is related to web hosting and it is called cloud hosting services. What??? Ok, if you have a website or […]


Why Is Cloud Hosting Better? A Practical Example

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Cloud hosting is a rather new option in web hosting and therefore many of us don’t exactly know what is the difference between this type of hosting and shared or dedicated server hosting. That is why I thought about bringing you a practical example that makes things easier to understand. Fluctuating business John has a […]


Is Cloud Hosting the Answer for You?

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There is quite some fuzz regarding cloud hosting these days and if you are looking for a web hosting option for your business you will most probably run into this expression. A new option Cloud hosting basically relies on a network of physical servers that make it possible for you to get unlimited resources like […]